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Anonymous said: i know you may not read this but i have a question about VFC. earlier you said that jayk had said "if you were a true fan you wouldnt be upset" or something along those line during the announcement that thomas was leaving live chat. so you have a link to that?

Okay I just looked around for you and I can’t find it. I looked on their channel ( and couldn’t find any saved broadcasts either. That was 5 years ago so it’s a lot harder to find now. I did find part of the chat where they announced Thomas was leaving, but it doesn’t include the part where Jayk said the bit about being a “true fan”. Sorry! Maybe someone else can help you find it? If anyone knows please link Anon to it! :)

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Anonymous said: What do you think the song "jealous of distance" means or what it's about?

This blog is basically closed now, sorry. I don’t really have an articulate answer for you anyway. I think the meaning is pretty obvious but I’m sorry for not having a good answer if this is a genuine question. Maybe someone else can explain it for you better.

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Song of the day: Bad Habit - Varsity Fanclub

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Anonymous said: do you remember when you used to thank your followers for following you?whenever you got a new follower.

yeah i remember.

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Anonymous said: Favorite band other than VFC/After Romeo??

Honestly… I don’t really know. I’m going to say One Direction because they’re the only other band that I’ve listened to their whole album and I like it, and I like all the members and know all their names. But I’m not even close to being a “Directioner”.

I also really like Dope Crisis, formerly Odysy. They’re super talented (not a fan of the girl though, sadly) and Jesse, Eli, and Ray are super sweet. In all honestly, I haven’t been liking their recent covers or their new songs that I’ve heard (I seriously cannot stand Gina’s voice…), but their old stuff from when they were Odysy is amazing. Seriously. They did this parody of a song I think by Usher or Chris Brown - I don’t know the actual song - and called it “Shaky Table”. It’s funny, but it’s actually so catchy and their voices are awesome…

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Anonymous said: wow you haven't posted anything about the new name. What do you think?

uhhhh I like it tbh. I like it a hell of a lot more than “Big City Bois”. And it’s cute that the fans can be called “Juliets”. It’s not bad. I thought their new name would be fucking stupid but it’s honestly not. But I’m not sure how I feel about Blake and I don’t like the little kid Devin Fox. 

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almostherolover-deactivated2013 said: ohh ok

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almostherolover-deactivated2013 said: who said that they were deleting the vids?

Jayk did a few minutes ago. But ugh I guess nevermind since he JUST tweeted that they might just make a new channel instead. So my post is now irrelevant! 

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Anonymous said: I heard that TC Dan michelle (the girl from the baby video) broke up like last year after two years of dating. but idk if it's true

Oh okay.

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Anonymous said: Is TC carter single right now?

I’m not sure. I think he might be dating the girl from their Baby video  but they could have broken up or they may have never even gone out. Sorry, I don’t know much about TC.

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stop unfollowing me bitches.
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Does anyone know where Liam/Niall from One Direction “recommended” ‘Let Go’ by Thomas?
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I don’t understand why people hate Drew Ryan Scott for that Twitvid…




I liked it.

Personally I just think he’s conceited and thinks he’s the greatest thing on Earth, but then again I thought that before the Twitvid. After that I just felt that he’s trying way to hard to be…I don’t even know what. It was a bit disturbing actually.

Drew is actually one of the sweetest guys ever and he’s funny as hell. Right now, I just can’t stand his over sexual humor. It’s not funny and the video grossed me out. 

Okay so I just went to go watch that video and I almost threw up. That was absolutely disgusting and not funny at all. I understand that he’s probably just trying to get away from VFC’s original image but he’s going about it absolutely wrong. That video was so… ugh I don’t even know. It was just really inappropriate. 

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Goodbye VFC. </3

Goodbye VFC. </3

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