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 is the same as it was 3 years ago… 

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Hey guys. Haven’t posted in a while but here is the translation about VFC pushing back the release date of their single Opera as written by Popcorn Magazine.

(Translation obviously is not perfect because I don’t speak German)


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I know we're all still mad right now but we can't let anyone beat our boys.
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What do you guys think about Bobby hiring attorneys?
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Happy birthday TC!!! :3

He’s 18 now! Technically legal, but now illegal for me. D:


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Please send this to VFC

Just @reply them the link. If enough people send it, they will read it. And who knows? If you want, you can even copy & paste the whole message into a new twitlonger and send it to them. I don’t need credit. I need my favourite band together as Drew, David, Jayk, TC, and Bobby. ~

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Angry post, but you should read.


Hi everyone. I have some bad news to share with you all today. I haven’t been on twitter in a few days but saw that there was a VFC photoshoot a day or two ago. I was not included/invited to this. The “unsigned”, soon to be manager of VFC, Philipp Hallenberger, is trying kick me out of the band and is having the guys force me out. Trust me, this is not my decision and I will be fighting this. I want nothing more than to be in this group and have no intention to quit. I love this job and you all waaayyy too much to do that to you. I can’t believe that guys I thought were so close to me are actually going along with this, and not standing up. I would NEVER do that to any of them :( But regardless, this is what is going on. I feel you guys NEED to know the truth, you have been with us for sooo long and we would be nothing without you. Again, I’m not quitting, contrary to what you might soon hear or be told. Right now I need all of your support!!! ;) Keep checking back, I’ll let you know more soon. Thanks again for everything, you are the BEST, and I Love You ALL!!! ;) p.s. this is def not a joke. i wish it was ;( i put the wink face because I’m trying to stay positive and fight this… Reading all ur tweets makes me sad, I’m very disappointed in the guys. I’m as upset as you all are, I’ve given 150% to this group for 5 yrs. well ive got 2 go now, ill write back later, thanks for the SUPPORT!!!!!!! Love You!!!”

I am absolutely FURIOUS at this. HOW can they kick Bobby out of the group? I’m so disappointed in them. First of all, I absolutely hate their manager for making them do this. What a fucking dumb ass. Second, if the guys go along with it, I don’t know what I’m going to think of them. I love Drew, as you all know. Thinking that he isn’t doing anything to help Bobby is killing me. He’s my husband, so how could he do this? I don’t know if I could love someone who did this to their best friend/brother. This whole situation is twisting my brain and I don’t know how I’m going to handle it if this is all true. I don’t think I’d be a fan anymore. Not because Bobby’s my favourite or anything, like what a lot of people said about Thomas. How they couldn’t be a fan anymore because Thomas was the only member they actually liked… I don’t think I’d be a fan anymore, because I can’t support them if they did this to Bobby. Bobby doesn’t deserve this. You can’t replace him. 

Fuck their manager. There are better ones out there. If they kick Bobby out, I SINCERELY hope Bobby makes it bigger than they ever will, just so he can rub it in their face. I know I’m supposed to try to see all sides of this because obviously I’m a fan of all of them since I run a blog for them, but I honestly don’t understand their side. 

"Hey let’s kick Bobby out so we can be more successful we don’t really need him it’s not like he’s important to us let’s kick him out and go tour everywhere without him."

If they came to Canada, I would go to their performance just to tell them how disappointed I am and how I’ll never forgive them. ~

I’m going to wait to hear their side. They better post about it on the VFC Twitter, but I also trust Jayk to clear everything up. I know Drew’s Twitter was hacked today, so maybe it’s possible Bobby’s was too. But if Bobby’s Twitter wasn’t hacked, and if that’s what is actually happened…. regardless of VFC’s reason, I don’t think I’ll be able to forgive them.

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One more time. BRACELETS.

Lucky and I are not joking. We WILL sell bracelets if we get enough feedback.

Leave it in our ask or reblog/like IF YOU ARE GOING TO BUY them.

If you are not going to buy any DO NOT REBLOG.

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I’m sorry but VFC having only 67 votes is unacceptable.
If everyone who follows us votes at least once, that number would be SOOOO much higher!

3 clicks of a button. For your favourite boys to finally have what they deserve.

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Apparently a big surprise on VFC’s YouTube channel in 30 minutes. “Someone” is back!

Who do you think it is??? 

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Vote for our boys :)
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Thomas Fiss Update

Thomas has an Official Street Team now! If you saw it before and couldn’t sign up because it was only open to people in the USA, you can sign up internationally now :) Just put your address in the one box instead of filling out the separate boxes. Hurry and sign up! Thomas is calling a lot of people who do. :) Even if you don’t have your phone with you, sign up anyway and he might leave you a voicemail :)

Also there’s new merch: T-Fiss undies, mouse pads, mugs, magnets, dog tag necklaces with custom lyrics printed onto it, pencils, and prepaid Visa cards. It’s all amazing. And if you live in the USA, if you spend over $50 you get free shipping!

And if you haven’t noticed, thomasfissmusic and thomasfissmerch has gotten a makeover! The new design looks so much nicer than the old one. 

Now if only he’ll release some new AA clothing/accessories. 

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